Green Solutions

Doing Our Part for the Environment!

Mobile Medical Corporation (MMC) believes that we should all be good stewards of the environment and is why we continually search for better alternatives and more efficient ways of working "Greener." MMC believes that innovation is the key in developing working ways that support our superior brand of solutions while at the same time allow us to reduce our consumption of the planet's precious resources.

MMC's "Green" efforts include:

Enhanced Recycling

  • Printer Cartridges
  • Used Office Paper
  • Plastic and Aluminum Office Products


Everyday MMC utilizes efficient methods of data management that use little or no paper products at all:

e-Results: View employees testing results and access robust reporting options via MMC's paperless online tracking application SkillCheck™.

e-Locator: Locate a preferred collection facility nearest you with ease by searching through MMC's online database

e-Chains- An electronic data management system that will help MMC and clients gather and track applicant data while eliminating the need for paper forms.

Green Philanthropy

Whether it is locally or globally, MMC's philanthropic efforts focus on improving the world around us. If you have a cause that you would like us to know about please contact us today!

Green Solutions