Labor Management

Collectively Bargained Programs

Mobile Medical Corporation is an industry pioneer in Labor Management Drug-Free Partnership management. MMC has more than 18 years of experience enabling contractors, employers, labor organizations and facility owners to craft solid labor-management drug testing cooperative programs. MMC's Drug Free Partnership programs are comprehensive and include set-up, training, testing, data management and transmission.

Labor Management Drug Free Partnerships are developed with the focus on both labor (unions) and management (contractors) with the goal of creating a pool of pre-screened workers who are eligible to perform work on any of the programs projects that require substance abuse testing.

A key logistical feature of MMC's Labor Management Cooperative Programs is that all of our participating employers recognize a single program card as a valid pre-employment drug test which eliminates the need for redundant testing at multiple job sites. A participant's card is usually valid for one year with all participating employers.

Labor Management Drug Free Partnerships are structured so that all employees' testing data is centrally housed and instantly accessible by the participating cooperative members. As an Independent Third Party Administrator (TPA), MMC coordinates all of the required substance abuse testing and then collects and stores the drug testing results in SkillCheck™, MMC's central state-of-the-art verification platform. MMC's SkillCheck provides designated representatives with instant unfettered access to employees' drug testing records 24 hours a day.

Why Choose a Drug Free Partnership?

  • Provides a Drug Free Workplace and Increases Worker Safety
  • Standardizes Testing Protocols through a Professional TPA
  • Provides Centralized and Easily Accessible Testing Data
  • Reduces Overall Costs by Eliminating Redundant Employee Testing For Multiple Job Sites