Workplace Occupational Health Clinics

Employer Healthcare Centers are clinics set up onsite or nearby to provide primary care services exclusively to employees and their dependents. 

Mobile Medical Corporation partners with companies to create the perfect primary care center for your company.  Our knowledgeable consultants will assist in evaluating your goals and needs to create your onsite solution.

Services Available at On-Site Clinics

Onsite health clinics are a new strategy to help control healthcare costs. Emergency room visits and chronic illness management are the costliest claims affecting conventional insurance. Onsite primary care clinics help to contain those costs and offer a wide range of healthcare services:

Chronic Conditions

Hypertension, diabetes, asthma, COPD, arthitis

Urgent Care Services

Bee stings, sprains, sutures, stitches, and more urgent care

Occupational Medicine

Worker's comp injuries and compliance testing

Wellness Programs

Weight loss, smoking cessation, nutrition, and mental health

Employer healthcare clinics are a valuable and convenient benefit to both employers and employees. They lower costs for the employee, increase employee retention and reduce lost work time.

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Client Testimonials

Clark has been with Mobile Medical for five years, and our experience has been nothing short of delightful. After providing first-class onsite medical services on two of our largest projects, Clark expanded its relationship to include onboarding solutions at our Employee Processing Center in the Mid-Atlantic. The Mobile Medical team is communicative, engaging, innovative, and above all, understands the uniqueness of occupational health and safety on a construction site.
Clark Construction Group, LLC

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