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On-Site First Aid Stations in the Workplace

Being prepared for emergencies is a must when working in the field. First aid stations provide everything you need to maintain a safe, efficient, and viable operation day in and day out. Whether an emergency situation arises that requires immediate attention, or you are simply looking for a proactive resource for on-site health and wellness for your team, first aid stations by Mobile Medical are the solution. 

On-site first aid helps protect your business and your bottom line by keeping your workforce healthy and productive. Through decades in the field, we've learned the nuances of specific injuries. Our team is equipped to provide proactive and responsive care for a fraction of the cost of outsourced care for injured workers.

Get On-Site Care 

Reduce risk, lower costs, and prioritize productivity through proactive healthcare on the job site. Mobile Medical's on-site medical staff are qualified to triage emergency situations. Additionally, our teams provide well-rounded health services to care for both the physical and mental wellbeing of your crew

Each first aid clinic is equipped to handle whatever you need for your specific job. When setting up your on-site services, an MMC representative will be a partner to you, helping figure out what services you need, and what services you can do without. Get the full array of first aid and occupational health services, or customize your on-site first aid clinic to fit your needs.

Your On-Site Medical Clinic May Include:

  • A dedicated medical staff, a Medical Director, and on-site management.
  • Basic life support capabilities to reduce risk and save lives.
  • First aid and general health services.

For a full list of services we provide, explore our on-site occupational health offerings, or get in touch.

Learn More About How On-Site Services Can Protect Your Team (And Your Business)!

Client Testimonials

Clark has been with Mobile Medical for five years, and our experience has been nothing short of delightful. After providing first-class onsite medical services on two of our largest projects, Clark expanded its relationship to include onboarding solutions at our Employee Processing Center in the Mid-Atlantic. The Mobile Medical team is communicative, engaging, innovative, and above all, understands the uniqueness of occupational health and safety on a construction site.
Clark Construction Group, LLC

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Improve your workplace health and safety.
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