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COVID-19 Response and Prevention in the Workplace

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It has required urgent adaptation from all of us, from how we live our daily lives to how we interact with others and how we work.

Mobile Medical Corporation recognizes that every business is unique and has its own set of operating requirements. A one size fits all solution simply doesn't work. Our mission is to understand your needs and balance those with the latest guidelines and best practices. We offer services in order to address the level of risk associated with the workplace and transmission of COVID-19.


MMC will work with safety to review your workplace i.e. number or employees/workers, size of job site/office, external/internal work conditions, hours of operation/shifts, length of the project, location of office/job site, and the corporate preparedness plan to produce a strategy for safeguarding the health of your workforce

Screening and Supplies

This is the first layer of assessment from our front line clinicians. MMC's screening processes follow the latest CDC guidelines and our industry experience to assess individuals for signs and symptoms related to COVID-19. Our experienced medical staff follows the World Health Organization's (WHO) recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) for those in close contact with a potentially infectious individual.


As the pandemic continues, more resources for testing are becoming available to employers across the globe. Molecular and antigen testing are two types of tests available through MMC. Both are diagnostic tests, which identify active infections.

Case Management

COVID-19 can be a recordable illness if a worker is infected as a result of performing their work-related duties, however, many factors must be present and confirmed. MMC works with employers to mitigate this confirmation and reduce possible exposure.


Types of COVID-19 Tests: Comparing Molecular and Antigen Tests

Molecular Testing

Molecular testing (nucleic acid amplification test [NAAT] or RT-PCR), is used to definitively identify COVID-19 in a patient by detecting the presence of the virus's RNA in a collected sample. Molecular tests are often analyzed at a lab, but some may be analyzed at the point of care. These tests are highly accurate and results are available relatively quickly (just a few days).

Antigen Testing

This type of test detects specific proteins on the surface of the virus. Samples are often collected via a nasal swab. Because of the way they are analyzed, antigen tests frequently yield more rapid results than molecular tests, though they can be less accurate and may require confirmation with an additional diagnostic test. These tests are widely available as they are simple to administer.

COVID-19 is still a relatively new discovery and much is being discovered every day. If you still are not sure which type of testing is best for your workplace, reach out to Mobile Medical Corporation today. We have been working to keep employees safe for decades, and are here to help you today. 

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Client Testimonials

As we all know, we have been facing a global pandemic. COVID19 has presented many challenges within the work force and day to day activities. MMC was quick to respond with Holder's requirement to have daily temperature checks and COVID19 attestation forms filled out prior to job-site entry. Not only did MMC provide us a temperature checker, but they made sure the employee had all the appropriate PPE.

Prior to COVID19, I worked with MMC at Mustang NBY. MMC assisted with our "I Choose Wellness" program by providing multiple services; such as: health screenings, BMI, nutrition challenges, suicide awareness, and mental health awareness. MMC was also part of our daily orientation, one of the medics would present a slide that gave details of their services and answer any questions the workers had.

Overall, I have loved working with MMC and look forward to working with them on future projects.
Holder Construction Group

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