Power and utility worker safety

Occupational Health and Safety in the Power and Utilities Industry

Power and utilities keep our communities running efficiently each and every day, without us having to give it a second thought. The power and utility industry has a number of different sectors that fall under this umbrella such as water, electricity, and waste management, to name a few. Different work settings have their own set of occupational safety concerns and each environment should aim to tailor their resources to benefit the wellbeing of their employees.

Fall hazards, exposure to dangerous materials or toxic substances, misuse of machinery, and many other risks in this industry call for specialized occupational health and safety services. Working to ensure that the employees in the power and utilities industries are functioning in a safe environment will not only be a benefit to you as the employer, but it will also benefit a number of communities all across the country.

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Ensure Workplace Health and Safety for Utility Workers

For an industry as diverse as the power and utility sector, having on-site occupational safety services concentrated on each specific work environment is a necessity. Whether your employees are traveling, working at dangerous heights, or find themselves within confined spaces on a daily basis, Mobile Medical offers on-site services that can be tailored to what they need most.

On-site Services for Power and Utilities Environments:

  • Rapid Mobilization: Many utility workers are out on the field on a daily basis, checking water meters or collecting waste throughout our communities. Our rapid deployment services provide relatively quick support and care to your employees.

  • Round-the-Clock Care: Mobile Medical offers multiple levels of care that can be tailored to your workplace's needs. Power and utility workers are often working at extreme heights that result in a number of on-the-job injuries. Our team is skilled in working quickly and effectively.

  • Hearing Conservation: When employees are working with loud machinery for a majority of their days, that can pose a threat to their overall wellbeing. Mobile Medical offers hearing protection and procedural health checkups for your employees. Take advantage of our services to keep your team safe and able to carry out the job.

  • Respiratory Protection: Waste management workers and water company employees may find themselves frequently in confined spaces. Provide respiratory protection for your workers to guard them against hazardous airborne particles.

  • Substance abuse testing: Mobile Medical offers many customized solutions that make it easier for employers to ensure employees are within compliance and regulations. We assist you in combating substance abuse in the workplace, no matter the setting. 

Keep in mind that these are not the only occupational health and safety services available to you and your teams. Explore additional Mobile Medical Corporation services, or contact our team today to find out how we can support you on your worksite.

Future trends in the utilities and power industry

Clean energy is picking up traction as people work toward more sustainable solutions. The utility industry has long included electricity as one of the better-known sectors, but now solar energy and wind turbines are emerging technologies for clean energy sources. Workers in this new and growing industry will need resources tailored to their respective settings and needs.

As we lean into this shift toward clean energy, health and safety in the workplace will have to adapt and grow along with it. Mobile Medical offers a wide array of services for many industries and we're prepared to grow alongside our expanding workforces. Contact a representative to learn more about MMC.

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Clark has been with Mobile Medical for five years, and our experience has been nothing short of delightful. After providing first-class onsite medical services on two of our largest projects, Clark expanded its relationship to include onboarding solutions at our Employee Processing Center in the Mid-Atlantic. The Mobile Medical team is communicative, engaging, innovative, and above all, understands the uniqueness of occupational health and safety on a construction site.
Clark Construction Group, LLC

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