On-Site Medical Services

Incorporating an on-site clinic into your project or workplace is a cost-effective solution to mitigate injuries, prevent worker's compensation claims, and reduce OSHA recordable incidents. Our clinics are customized to meet your needs and are staffed with trained medical professionals who understand the occupational medical aspects of construction, manufacturing, and other safety-sensitive industries.  

MMC uses the industry-leading EHS software suite, Cority, to manage and keep electronic health records secure while ensuring regulatory compliance and providing meaningful reporting through data tracking and trending.  As the most comprehensive EHS software on the market, Cority has partnered for over 30 years with many Fortune 500 companies.

Types of On-Site Medical Solutions

MMC paramedics and nurses are trained by experienced operation managers with direction and feedback from our medical director along with support from a full administrative staff, to help them focus and quickly become part of your project team. Our team will support your overall mission of providing a safe and healthy workplace for your employees.

First-Aid Clinics

Triage, first-aid, mental health and wellness initiatives, Covid support, electronic medical records, and more

Employer Healthcare Centers

Get resources to maintain your own health and provide the best care possible to your workplace team

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Rapid Mobilization

MMC's rapid team can travel anywhere nationwide to accommodate clients who require immediate support. Our rapid deployment team consists of experienced medical professionals who will be sent to your location quickly.

Round-the-Clock Care

Levels of care include EMT, paramedic, nurse, and nurse practitioners. Clinics are staffed during any shift or hours requested, from regular 40 hours a week to 24/7 care, with backup staff available for additional coverage.

Triage and Treatment

Our medical professionals assess, treat, and manage all injuries and illnesses, whether work-related, non-work-related, or a routine wellness check. Using in-depth knowledge of OSHA recordable guidelines, our team will help incidents remain on-site through aggressive first aid treatment and guidance for appropriate managed care.

Managed Care

Our team also performs case management for injuries that require offsite care to enhance control over your OSHA recordable incidents. By tracking and following up with your employee's care, they return to work sooner, increasing your productivity and boosting morale. 

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What is an on-site clinic?

An on-site medical clinic is a clinic that takes place in a workplace setting (i.e. manufacturing, utilities, construction projects, data centers). These clinics provide occupational medical care as well as include non-work related care, mental health, and wellness programs. All services are provided by a licensed practitioner.

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Who needs on-site services?

MMC's First Aid Stations can be used for all types of work projects and sites including:

  • Projects for owners/contractor controlled insurance programs
  • Correctional facilities
  • Construction projects
  • Convention centers
  • Sports arenas
  • Large outdoor events

A standard MMC first aid station is set up in an 8' x 32' mobile unit which contains a half-bath, all the necessary office, medical supplies, and testing equipment, and one or more medical professionals. For seamless communication between the unit's medical personnel, the customer, and MMC's corporate office the unit is equipped with a telephone, fax, and PC and network capabilities.

Client Testimonials

The relationship between MMC and Holder Construction has been fabulous. Their staff has been a pleasure to work along side providing medical resources to hard working subcontractors and site staff as well. They are always will to go the extra mile to fulfill any request, participate in any new initiative and or just provide an encouraging word to the workers as they conduct their daily site wide walks.

The leadership has also been very supportive, and continue to provide immediate response to any additional requests for services and or quotes for additional location medical support. We have used various firms in the past several years and MMC always rises to the top of the list as they are always striving to improve and provide the best medical service to those that need it...Timely, Informative and with a caring attitude.
Holder Construction Group

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