Fleet for Mobile Medical Clinics

Mobile Medical Corporation strives to bring well-rounded occupational health resources straight to you and your team so you can keep working hard without missing a day. From a variety of drug testing methods and critical COVID-19 PPE to mental health and wellness initiatives, our mobile fleet is ready to bring the services you need right to your workplace.

So whether you're looking to host CPR training so your employees can spring into action should a crisis occur in the future, or you need a certified paramedic on hand for your next job, MMC and its mobile fleet is here for you. Just tell us when and where. 

Services Provided by Our Mobile Fleet

Mobile Medical Corporation's fleet provides the options you need for onsite occupational medical services.  Whether at an office, job-site, union hall or industrial facility we have the vehicle to fit your needs.

  • One or two restrooms & handwashing sink
  • Complete mobile office with WiFi
  • Full electric with 120V AC plugin 
  • Climate controlled heat and air conditioning
  • Document printing, faxing and scanning
  • Awning for inclement weather

For a full list of services we provide, explore our on-site occupational health offerings, or get in touch.

Improve your workplace health and safety.
Improve your workplace health and safety.
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