SkillCheck™: Occupational Health and Safety Management Software

Since the introduction of Skillcheck™, MMC's online verification system, a lot has changed in technology, construction, and safety! So rather than add some enhancements, our management team decided to rebuild a whole new system that utilized the latest technology.

We have also designed smartphone apps that enable workers to download their "Drug-Free Cards", as well as allow contractors to verify worker eligibility online, scan drug-free cards, and create reports!

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SkillCheck™ Features

The SkillCheck™ Credential Management System (SCMS) is a web-based online verification system with a platform that not only allows contractors to verify worker credentials, but also permits users to have different levels of access. This allows them to create their own reports, upload spreadsheets and add safety and training information to further share worker credentials online.


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Robust reporting

Newly designed imports from SAMSHA Certified lab provide better information for more robust reports which includes information about collections facilities and Medical Review.

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Expanded results fields

The expanded fields for collecting worker results provide capabilities to analyze both negative and non-negative information more specifically by reasons. Ie refusals, drug type, etc.

User interface

New user interfaces allow users to access more information. Through established permissions, members, unions, and contractors can view eligibility status and create their own reports.

Smartphone apps

Verify eligibility and store card data on your smartphone.

Online safety training interface

Transfer safety training into the system so worker credentials are immediately updated on their drug-free card. 

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Client Support

Superior technology is a key component of Mobile Medical Corporation's operations and service. Our in-house information technology department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a full-time professional staff.

MMC provides our clients with secure 24-hour online access to drug testing results and worker credential information. Access is provided through our website via MMC's SkillCheck™ database. In addition to passcode login security, our website is secured by VeriSign and by firewall. MMC's website is in accordance with all HIPAA compliance requirements.

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Download our mobile app
Download our mobile app
Download "Drug-Free Cards" and verify worker eligibility, create reports, and more.