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Occupational Health and Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry employs millions of people and generates a great deal of revenue across the globe. As our country's main source of fuel, this industry is no stranger to most people. Whenever you fill your car's gas tank or use a gas stove, you become a participant in the oil and gas industry.

The oil and gas field has its own set of risks that pose a threat to on-site workers. With such a large scope, there are a number of on-the-job health and safety hazards for employees in this sector. Chemicals, equipment, explosions, and falls are all potential dangers that workers in this industry face.

Mobile Medical Corporation (MMC) has a large staff of trained medical professionals who understand the unique situations that each industry faces, including oil and gas. MMC strives to keep oil refinery and natural gas pipeline workers safe while on the job.

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Improving Health and Safety in the Oil and Gas Sector

The oil and gas industry has numerous environments that make up this sector. These environments are very large scale and call for the most effective, reliable, and specialized occupational health and safety services. Mobile Medical offers an assortment of occupational health and safety services to those in the oil and gas sector, such as:

  • First aid and first response: Responsive care for all employees across any job site or environment.
  • Biological monitoring: Blood sampling and monitoring can help determine if your employees have encountered harmful chemicals on the job.
  • Hearing Conservation: Protective hearing equipment and regular checkups to ensure good auditory function.
  • Respiratory Protection: Respiratory protection and testing that defends against harmful airborne particles or contaminates.
  • Substance abuse testing: Both on-site testing and pre-employment drug screening services for contractor positions
  • Mobile medics on-site: MMC utilizes traveling nurses and medical professionals to be stationed at oil and gas job sites.

The services listed above are designed to enhance the health, safety, and well-being of workers in the oil and gas industry, specifically. While these are ideal for employers looking to better their worker's environments, MMC offers a wide array of occupational health services in general. To learn more about all we have to offer, contact a Mobile Medical representative today.

The future of the oil and gas industry

The threat of climate change has grown in recent years and the shift away from fossil fuels is becoming prevalent. In the years that this shift continues to grow, it's possible that we may see a decline in the demand for oil and gas.

However, this industry has seen a great demand in resources, as prices for oil and gas have risen during the pandemic. The rise in demand has many implications on the entire United States economy as a whole, as inflation rises parallel to these fuels.

Newer technological advances, such as electric cars and solar panels, have become more popular among consumers who desire to move away from non-renewable fossil fuels. Regardless of the standard energy sources and new, emerging industries, occupational health and safety in either environment will prove a great benefit to both employer and employee. Interested in how our services can benefit your workforce? Contact one of our Mobile Medical representatives today.

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Client Testimonials

The value of on-site medical services has proven to be the best way to show our trade partners, active caring. MMC has provided top notch service and added value to our campus by working with local Occupational Medical providers as well as working with our teammates to get them the care needed. MMC works with individuals personal health and makes recommendations as they see from their medical background. This has definitely helped workers address their personal health issues with their own physicians and saved lives! Great Work!
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