Occupational Health Services Available Nationwide

MMC's complete and compliant packages of industry required physical exams and bio-monitoring solutions along with solid occupational healthcare solutions that can efficiently test and qualify your candidate to meet the rigors of any job site. Through monitored testing, MMC ensures that your candidates are physically fit and properly able to perform their workload. MMC provides focused multi-platformed programs for pre-employment, annual, HAZMAT, OSHA, and DOT physicals and testing.

Our Occupational Health Services

Compliance Exams and Medical Screenings

Handle everything from background checks to compliance testing and medical examinations all in one convenient location.

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On-Site Medical Clinics and Services

Provide your employees with the highest quality medical and first-aid services by bringing a mobile unit to the workplace.

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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Conduct large numbers of tests all at once and take action for a drug-free workplace with leaders in occupational healthcare.

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Technology Services

Simplify your job with state-of-the-art technology-based solutions for employee and occupational health services.

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