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Occupational Health and Safety Solutions for Construction Projects in the Transportation Sector

Infrastructure allows us to travel vast distances, thanks to the transportation construction industry which builds these massive buildings and networks of transport. The individuals and crews that make up the transportation construction industry complete airport, train, and road construction projects across the country each and every day.

Exposed to the elements and traffic on nearby roads, as well as inherent risks of all construction sites, these professionals require specialized occupational health and safety services designed to keep them safe day in and day out, though especially in emergency situations. Without these services, the transportation construction industry would not be able to continue moving forward as productively and safely as it needs to in order to support our constantly-expanding infrastructure.

On-Site Health Services for Railway, Airport, and Road Builders

Often times large transportation construction projects (such as airport or railway construction projects) happen in remote locations. It is only in these open spaces that there is enough land to build such large structures and infrastructure networks. Unfortunately, that also means that many times, crews are considerably farther away from emergency care and hospitals should a crisis occur on the job site. Having on-site healthcare resources (such as emergency first-aid stations), provided by trained occupational health and safety professionals can truly be a matter of life or death. Not to mention, providing these services can also be a matter of what insurance rates your project receives.

On-Site Occupational Health and Safety for Construction Projects:

  • First aid stations
  • Life support
  • Crisis triage
  • Rapid mobilization
  • Managed care
  • Substance Abuse Testing

These are just a few of the services provided by Mobile Medical Corporation paramedics and nurses. These highly-trained individuals can handle any emergency health or safety situation that may arise in the transportation construction industry. We support your team by providing a safe and healthy workplace for your employees, no matter what type of construction project you're doing or where you are based. To learn more, explore the full list of on-site occupational health and safety services for construction projects offered by MMC, or contact a representative.

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Future trends in the transportation industry

Thanks to transportation initiatives at higher levels of government, it is projected that the transportation construction industry will continue to grow in coming years throughout the U.S.  With the added complication of the ongoing pandemic, employers and site managers in the industry will need to expand their health and wellness benefits even further — to include and prioritize having mass testing services available, amongst other occupational health offerings. 

Acting now to prepare for the future shifts in the transportation construction industry promises successful projects and healthy teams today, tomorrow, and for years in the future. Learn more about how you can prioritize physical and mental health and wellness at your job site through expanded occupational health and safety services by getting in touch with an MMC representative.

Client Testimonials

The value of on-site medical services has proven to be the best way to show our trade partners, active caring. MMC has provided top notch service and added value to our campus by working with local Occupational Medical providers as well as working with our teammates to get them the care needed. MMC works with individuals personal health and makes recommendations as they see from their medical background. This has definitely helped workers address their personal health issues with their own physicians and saved lives! Great Work!
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