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Onsite Health and Safety for Medical Construction Projects

Our hospitals and healthcare facilities are critical pieces of infrastructure in our communities. 

Ensuring that healthcare facilities can be built safely means first considering the health and safety of your onsite employees. Creating a positive and productive job site for workers involved in healthcare construction adds to the success, safety, and progress of these projects. 

Mobile Medical offers an array of services that you can consider implementing for onsite projects. Large-scale hospital construction is no simple operation. Learning more about the services Mobile Medical offers employers can help you keep construction recordables low while providing occupational health and safety solutions that are completely customizable.

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Occupational Health and Safety Services for Healthcare Construction Projects

Large healthcare construction projects commonly utilize onsite health and safety services, like what we offer at Mobile Medical Corporation. These occupational health and safety services help reduce project costs, create a safe onsite environment by providing high-quality medical care, and keep onsite incident rates low. The construction industry, specifically when projects are projected to cost well over millions of dollars, poses inherent dangers and risks. Mobile Medical's services help employers mitigate potential hazards and injuries. Learn more about the specific services we offer than could benefit you.

  • Onsite First Aid Stations:
    Providing workers with access to onsite first aid stations, should an emergency situation arise, can create a productive job site and help employers mitigate risks. Mobile Medical's first aid stations are staffed with medical personnel and responsive care equipment. Some of the services relating to first aid stations that MMC offers are: general health and life support services, COVID-19 support, substance testing and vaccination services, electronic medical records, and more. Reach out to an MMC representative to learn more about what we offer and how we can design a first aid program that works best for your job site.
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing:
    Substance abuse causes our workforces to lose time, money, and onsite productivity. Drug and alcohol screening and testing can benefit your job site. These screenings help reduce absenteeism and enhance the well-being of your employees. Mobile Medical provides drug and alcohol testing, tailored to your industry needs, as well as access to our SkillCheck database, giving you the freedom to access test results and information whenever you need it.
  • COVID-19 Testing:
    Many employers and employees are well aware of the challenges that COVID-19 has presented to workforces across all industries. The productivity and progress of many day-to-day activities and large-scale projects have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. We realize that there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to the issues this has caused. That's why Mobile Medical offers onsite testing for COVID-19 and collaborates with employers from all industries to offer health and safety solutions that work best for you.

Healthcare construction trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused hospitals and healthcare facilities across the nation to adapt to unusual circumstances, many seeking ways to increase their capacity amidst the surge of patients. Many hospitals resorted to setting up triage units and tents to accommodate this capacity, some even fast-tracking existing construction projects. Some posit that healthcare will begin to expand to rural areas and smaller communities, making it easier for patients to access care without the burden of extensive travel time. As new healthcare facilities are built, the construction workers on these projects will need to have resources and services that keep them safe. Speak to an MMC representative about our occupational health and safety services.

Client Testimonials

The value of on-site medical services has proven to be the best way to show our trade partners, active caring. MMC has provided top notch service and added value to our campus by working with local Occupational Medical providers as well as working with our teammates to get them the care needed. MMC works with individuals personal health and makes recommendations as they see from their medical background. This has definitely helped workers address their personal health issues with their own physicians and saved lives! Great Work!
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