Types of Drug Tests for Your Workplace

When a company begins researching what testing methods they want to incorporate into their company's drug-free workplace policy there are several items to consider. Whether you select one or multiple testing methodologies it is best to review the pros and cons of each. Drug testing has advanced and MMC provides innovative drug testing solutions onsite or through a nationwide network of testing facilities.

To learn more about drug and alcohol testing services provided by Mobile Medical Corporation, reach out or explore our substance abuse screening solutions available for your workplace. 

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Options for Drug Testing Through MMC

Oral Fluid/Saliva Testing

Oral fluid testing matches the advantages of urine testing while eliminating collection integrity concerns.

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Urine Testing

Urine is the oldest and most common form of drug testing. Urine is the only method approved for federally-mandated testing.

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Hair Testing

Hair testing is utilized to identify habitual and periodic drug users due to its extended window of detection. 

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For more information on drug testing methodologies used by Mobile Medical Corporation or to schedule to have your staff screened, call today. Additional information can be found by reaching out to our staff. 

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What to Consider

About Different Testing Methods

  • State legislative restrictions
  • Federal or non-federal
  • Windows of detection
  • Lab-based or rapid/instant
  • Sample collection requirements
  • Testing availability/network

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