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Occupational Health and Safety in Construction: Customizable On-site Medical Services

All job sites have their own hazards, but few come close to having the risks that construction sites do. When an injury occurs at this type of large-scale worksite, it is crucial that employers are prepared to mitigate it.

Mobile Medical Corporation services are an integral part of supporting workforce health and safety. From on-site first aid to custom mental health and wellness solutions based on your geographic location, project type, needs, and insurance requirements, MMC is here for you. Learn more about what options you can have included in your bundled hourly rate before reaching out for a quote.

Expand Health and Safety at the Worksite

At Mobile Medical Corporation, we know that each worksite is unique. Whether you're working to reduce your Experience Modification Rate (EMR), mitigate risk and injuries, or otherwise support the wellbeing of your crew, our team of experienced occupational health professionals can help you build a program that fits your needs (and your budget). By providing resources at a bundled hourly rate, you don't have to worry about excessive costs impacting your bottom line.

Expand upon your on-site healthcare offerings by investing in wellness clinics. These customized solutions have proven successful in mitigating multiple workplace hazards — from injury to burnout. These clinics promote healthy choices, support employees battling with substance abuse, and provide resources to promote mental health, making your construction site more productive and positive.

On-Site Health and Wellness Services: 

  • Life support services
  • First aid providers and resources
  • Mental health and wellness clinics
  • Substance abuse testing and counseling
  • Different levels of clinicians available
  • COVID-19 and other health screening/vaccination clinics

These are not the only services available to you, just some of the most popular for construction sites. To learn more about on-site medical services, explore our offerings or contact a Mobile Medical representative.

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What should Construction/Insurance Groups look for in construction worksite safety partners?

The right on-site partner at a minimum should provide:

  • Clinical Staff
  • Medical Director
  • On-site Management Team (corporate support)
  • Customized Wellness & Mental Health Initiatives
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)/Reporting
  • Medical / Administrative supplies and equipment
  • Cybersecurity Safeguards
  • Professional Liability Insurance

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Client Testimonials

Clark has been with Mobile Medical for five years, and our experience has been nothing short of delightful. After providing first-class onsite medical services on two of our largest projects, Clark expanded its relationship to include onboarding solutions at our Employee Processing Center in the Mid-Atlantic. The Mobile Medical team is communicative, engaging, innovative, and above all, understands the uniqueness of occupational health and safety on a construction site.
Clark Construction Group, LLC

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Improve your workplace health and safety.
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