In-House Credential Management System

Mobile Medical Corporation has released an innovative new version of its online My SkillCheckTM system for managing and tracking worker drug testing. Upgrades include mobile device access, new online monitoring and reporting features, and an always-current digital drug-free card for workers to carry via their cell phones from job site to job site.

The enhanced system allows subscribing owners, builder associations, labor unions, contractors and workers to securely keep track of worker eligibility on job sites in real-time and promote a drug-free work environment

Record and Track Data

The system is designed to exponentially improve the ability of partnering organizations to monitor ongoing drug testing efficiently – and without redundancies or delays --across employers and work sites, thanks to improvements in enabling technology platforms and a dynamic database protected by cyber-security safeguards that exceed rigorous industry standards. 

To make the system more convenient and useful to workers, Mobile Medical also added always-current, digital, drug-free eligibility cards for individual workers to "carry" in the virtual wallets of their cell phones and share with job-site supervisors, who can scan the cards for current worker eligibility data, at any member site. The digital feature also allows workers to receive their cards immediately via email, rather than have to wait for them to be mailed.

Differentiating innovation

The success of our partners depends on our culture of innovation and the new technologies we develop and deploy to support our mission in the field. We strive for continuous improvement not only in our delivery of occupational medical services, but also in the work processes and administration systems that serve as the primary platforms on which we provide customized, effective medical services.

Integrity of our computer systems and data

We take the integrity of our proprietary computer systems and data very seriously. That's why we invest substantially in cybersecurity safeguards that protect our systems and your confidential data at a level that rises well above industry standards for data security.

SkillCheck™ Features

  • Inputting of data from an interactive interface, eliminating data entry
  • Reports instant verification of test results
  • Job/project and company tracking for detailed, comprehensive reporting
  • Job/project costing
  • Interface for employee record verification
  • Ability to capture complete test detail information
  • Ability to import or upload data
  • Sales tracking
  • Comprehensive and customizable reporting services
  • Invoicing

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