August 18th, 2009, 4:42 PM
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Flu outbreaks occur more frequently in the Fall and Winter when cooler weather is prevalent. In colder weather people obviously spend more time indoors and congregate in closer proximity making it easier for the virus to spread. WebMD states that "The flu virus can survive longer periods indoors in winter because the relative humidity of indoor air is very low in comparison to the outside air."

As a way to prevent the flu, Mobile Medical Corporation (MMC) advises individuals to wash their hands often in order to kill germs and bacteria. MMC also recommends a flu shot. In years when the vaccine strains and the virus strains are well-matched, the vaccine can reduce the chances of getting the "Flu" by 70%-90% in healthy adults.

Let MMC take care of all the logistics and provide you with the know-how and focused solutions to protect your staff from the rapidly advancing "Flu" season.

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