December 19th, 2022, 9:10 AM

Keeping your employees sound of mind and body essential going into the new year. People view this time as a fresh start, so help improve employee health by offering the following services:

Wellness Initiatives

Wellness initiatives can also improve employee health both mentally and physically. People generally are trying to start healthier habits in the new year, so help promote and encourage their actions during their day-to-day activities on the job.

Mental health can be an aspect of someone's life that they neglect or avoid. Help encourage your employees to care for their minds by providing a safe place to release their thoughts and emotions.

Healthier food choices can be intimidating if people aren't sure where to start or think their food options are limited when eating healthy. Providing an initiative where eating healthy is taught can be the difference between a successful weight loss journey and discouragement.

Providing diabetes management also helps keep your employees informed about the risks of diabetes and how to potentially prevent it. Understanding what can cause type 2 diabetes and how it affects your life can be all it takes for someone to change their lifestyle. 

Respiratory Evaluation

Providing your employees with an OSHA Respiratory Evaluation can show them the state of their respiratory system and how they can improve their lives. A few tests are implemented so your employees can get a broader range of care and information.

The pulmonary function test is meant to acquire and store test data for each employee. They are encouraged to achieve their best possible Forced Vital Capacity, the total amount of air forcibly exhaled, and their Vital Capacity, the air naturally exhaled. This test is a general indication of your lung's function. 

The employee will have an OSHA Medical Evaluation to break down the results of the tests. Evaluations will be sent and sealed to MMC, and a Medical Director will review the questionnaire and qualify employees based on the questions they answered. They can also direct their information to their family's primary care physician for further testing as needed.

A respirator fit test is used to ensure that an employee's respirator is both comfortable and provides the wearer with the expected protection. Proper equipment function is essential for safety, so having this test done can significantly improve employee health.

Biological Monitoring

Biological Monitoring is broken up into two different categories, medical screening and medical surveillance.

Screenings are meant for diagnosis and treatment early in an individual's life. Surveillance is intended to detect and eliminate underlying external factors such as hazards, exposures, and discovered trends.

Each of these are fundamental to the prosperity of employees and their well-being. The different tests determine if there is an uptake of chemicals in the body. If there are, that could lead to the discovery of outside influences or issues within the body.

Hearing Conservation

Hearing Conservation is extremely important, especially for workers who are constantly exposed to noise during their workday that may be loud enough to damage their hearing. They could suffer long-term damage if they aren't wearing the proper protection and following procedures.

Providing your workers with baseline, periodic, and annual audiograms can help monitor the state of their hearing and help promote their health.

A baseline audiogram is used as a comparison in the future to help identify whether or not they are experiencing hearing loss. These baseline tests are compared to periodic and annual tests to help create solutions to potential damage your employees face.

Mobile Medical helps by monitoring for standard threshold shifts, a detectable change in hearing compared to the baseline audio. MMC will notify both the employer and the employee and refer them to an audiologist for a follow-up test and potential treatment to prevent things from escalating.

Mobile Medical is Here to Help

Everyone wants to improve their way of life, but sometimes they don't know where to start. Mobile Medical wants to make your employee's health a top priority. Partner with us today to improve their well-being and work environment conditions.

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