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On-Site Paramedics May Reduce Harm & Long-Term Effects of Construction Accidents

Construction is the key to growth in a nation and economy. Construction helps communities of all sizes grow and become more profitable. However, this industry can be dangerous, and accidents can happen at any moment, no matter how many training and safety procedures are put in place.  Due to this industries nature, having an on-site medical provider can support the safety team, lower recordable injuries, and increase overall workplace health

How On-Site Paramedics Are Beneficial

Both employees and employers can benefit significantly from having an on-site paramedic.  In extreme cases, before an ambulance is called to the location for an emergency, the on-site paramedics are already there and can stabilize the issue much more quickly. This is beneficial because the quicker the injury is stabilized, the better chance of recovery the patient has.

If an employee receives a minor injury, they will have more incentive to get it checked out if someone is on-site. In most cases, they might forgo getting things fixed since it would require leaving the site and taking time to get checked out by a provider. With an on-site paramedic, they can skip the line at the emergency room and get things treated quickly. Employees can also get check-ups on these injuries since providers are on their job site already. 

For these reasons, employees can have a peace of mind about going to work. It can sometimes be nerve-wracking knowing they could get injured when going to work (and even impact their mental health). With on-site providers, employees can now feel safe and know that the paramedic is already on-site if anything happens to them. 

On-site paramedics also provide fewer out-of-pocket expenses for the employee since the employer pays the on-site paramedic directly. This can increase morale since the workers will feel valued and cared for.

This service can also help employers with their job sites since immediate care will reduce the insurance rates if an injury occurs. Injuries that go off-site are considered OSHA recordables which can increase insurance rates if there are a high amount of them. By attending to first aid-related injuries on-site and providing follow-up care, the number of employees seeking to leave the site for care will decrease. Because of this, some insurance policies may require on-site medical services or offer incentives to have them. 

Lastly, on-site paramedics can also monitor the job site's health. They can determine whether or not more safety measures or training need to be implemented. If the same type of injury keeps recurring, they can keep tabs on how it is happening and what can be done to prevent this type of injury. 

The Scope of On-Site Paramedics

Paramedics have different skills and knowledge than other professionals, such as EMT's, nurses and physician assistants. They can specifically manage the on-site clinics and provide emergency treatment, wellness, safety support, and customer services. They are also authorized to provide occupational medical care, support OSHA compliance, and help mitigate risk for workers that may get hurt on the job. Paramedics have specific licensing and training that  provides a higher scope of practice than an EMT, but potentially a lower cost than a nurse, and allows them to run the clinics smoothly and administer on-site health and wellness efforts.

Did You Know? On-Site Construction Accidents Fall into Categories

The most common injuries and accidents can be listed under "the fatal four," which are falls, electrocution, caught in/between, and struck by. These injuries can cost both the employee and employer considerably. The employee not only could have a life-changing injury, but they also might have extra expenses that they have to pay out of pocket. They could also have the right to sue the company for their injuries, putting both parties through the lengthy and tiring process of the legal system. You can't always avoid construction injuries, but you can be proactive in the situation and provide on-site paramedics. 

Finding the Right On-Site Provider for your Paramedic Needs

It is crucial to find a provider that fits the company's overall mission and supports its employees with a safe and healthy workplace. There are a few specific services that are widely used and essential for a provider to offer. Below is a list of services to look for when picking a partner.

First-Aid Clinics

First-aid clinics are used for a more generalized grouping of medical care. This solution includes triage, first-aid, mental health and wellness initiatives, COVID support, electronic medical records, and more. 

Rapid Mobilization

Some rapid teams can travel nationwide to support clients who require immediate support. MCC's team specifically consists of medical professionals who are skilled and quick. These individuals are also able to work well under stressful conditions.

Round-the-Clock Care

This solution provides care such as EMTs, paramedics, nurses, and nursing practitioners during any shift or hours requested by the client. These services can span from regular 40-hour weeks to 24/7 care. This solution also includes backup staff for additional coverage.

Make Safety a Top Priority with Mobile Medical Corporation

Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to construction projects. Injuries and accidents are unplanned and can be very stressful for everyone involved. It is crucial to have an on-site paramedic to have a level head present in this situation. Even if there are no emergencies during a project, it is always better to be safe than sorry. An employee's peace of mind is vital in these types of jobs. They will give their all for every job if they feel they are well cared for. Provide that peace of mind for your employees and reach out today.

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