October 4th, 2010, 4:42 PM
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Dishonest people will try anything to cheat on their pre-employment drug test. Recently, a West Side Chicago woman paid a 9-year old boy $1.00 for his clean urine. When the young boy went home and told his mother about what had occurred the mother immediately called police. The woman was later arrested by police and charged with assault. The lady told police that she needed the "Clean Pee" to pass an pre-employment drug test.

Earlier in the year Mobile Medical Corporation (MMC) blogged about several instances of drug test cheating that included a man who was caught by his probation officer with a "yellow like tube with urine" in his possession right before his test. Cheating devices like the "Whizzanator" usually make the headlines when it comes to cheating. Even novelty gag stores are in the cheating game with stocked synthetic urine.

Drug testing companies like Pittsburgh based Mobile Medical Corporation (MMC) are wise to these games. If a user is caught it is usually during the collection period as the temperature of the fake urine is usually not body temperature. New methods of analyzing fake urine in drug tests are developed constantly so there is an ebb and flow in the cheating wars. A laboratory in Nashville concluded that in a sample testing performed on a target group - synthetic urine was used nearly 80 times in the past three years to try and beat drug tests.

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