July 28th, 2009, 4:53 PM
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With the national unemployment rate recently rising to almost double digits due to the continuing economic recession, employers now find themselves in a strange situation looking into a vast pool of labor to choose from. Employers who are still looking to add to their payroll can now take the time to seek out talented individuals that are capable of wearing multiple "hats" and in return get more "bang" out of their payroll dollar. To find these workplace heroes, employers should take the substance abuse testing process for granted.

Employers should heavily consider multi-leveled drug testing, background screening, credential reviews and include using various Occupational Healthcare solutions. Proper screening etiquette will allow employers to find the stellar multi-talented candidates that they desire. Drug Screening and Background Investigations enhance workplace safety, negate negligent hiring litigation and provide a clearer picture of candidates overall labor history and performance.

Mobile Medical Corporation (MMC) can help you with all of your substance abuse testing needs. MMC works closely with all clients to establish affordable and focused drug testing protocols that comply with both the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Non-Federal testing programs. Contact MMC today and ask about our suite of our instant drug testing solutions. Call today for a free program review! (888) 662-8358

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