August 15th, 2023, 9:07 AM

You're planning a one-day charity event. Should you include event medical care? 

Depending on the size and type of event, it is recommended that medical planning begin at least six months in advance of the event and that major events lasting multiple days begin a year or more in advance.  Finding a medical vendor that fits your needs and has the right expertise is the next step.

What factors should be considered?:

  • What is the expected participant/spectator attendance? Will medical care be provided for participants only or for participants and spectators?
  • Duration of event
  • Size of the event (3-5 minute response time anywhere at event)
  • Typical weather during event
  • Will there be alcohol/food served
  • What type of event i.e extreme sports, concert, meeting etc.
  • Location of event - distance to nearest medical ER, urgent care

What will the event medical evaluate/determine

  • Level of medical care i.e basic or advanced cardiac life support
  • Experience level of clinicians best suited
  • Clinicians meet state and local licensure requirements
  • Location(s) best suited for first-aid stations/clinics at event
  • What special needs may be anticipated ie. heat/cold, elderly, trauma
  • Best means of communication: cell phones, wireless radio
  • Signage, best vehicle routes for medical
  • Determine types of vehicles to be used: bikes, ambulances, 4WD trucks, ATV/Gator
  • Work with local responders/agencies to pre-arrange medical transport

Full-service event medical coverage:

Mobile Medical Corporation is an experienced on-site medical provider that will walk you through the planning process and eliminate the administrative burden by developing an event medical plan, addressing the staffing needs, providing medical supplies and equipment, as well as enforcing necessary medical care protocols and procedures.  By preparing for potential injuries/illnesses your event will 

  • Ensure the safety of each and every guest
  • Reduce your liability
  • Add a level of professionalism/security


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