On-Site Medical Services

Mobile Medical Corporation (MMC) has set the standard when it comes to on-site Medical Services and First-Aid Station management. MMC's first-aid stations allow our clients to maximize both health and safety standards on their job sites, while substantially reducing compensation costs and employee's time way from work. MMC's nursing and first aid medical facilities are operated by industry professionals who assess, treat and manage injuries occurring on the job. Our first responders take control of any medical work site incident until emergency personnel arrive.

Our professionals play an integral role in projects and have proven themselves to be invaluable to customers Health and Safety Risk Management teams. MMC's on site medical services help clients maintain treatable injuries on site as we systematically manage all of the paperwork for you. On site medical facilities not only allow you to enhance your control over OSHA recordable incidents, but also increase your team's productivity by returning workers their jobs quicker.

MMC has active on-site medical services in New Hampshire, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Texas and Virginia.

MMC's First Aid Stations can be used for all types of work projects and sites including:

  • Projects for Owner/Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Construction Projects
  • Convention Centers
  • Sports Arenas
  • Large Outdoor Events

A standard MMC first aid station is set up in an 8' x 32' mobile unit which contains a half-bath, all the necessary office, medical supplies and testing equipment and one or more medical professionals. For seamless communication between the unit's medical personnel, the customer and MMC's corporate office the unit is equipped with a telephone, fax and PC and network capabilities.