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Most employers would agree that a healthy workforce is a happy workforce. Having healthy employees can be an asset to your company and may produce better quality work. Employee health screenings are a great way for employers to prioritize their employees. These screenings can help prevent diseases or illnesses through frequent health evaluations. Not to mention that having a healthy workforce provides a boost in overall morale.

Enforcing health screenings at work can also be a great way to improve employee and employer relations. Because these screenings are beneficial to the personal lives and wellbeing of your workforce, they can create a sense of care and attention for your employees. In some cases where workers aren't taking time to focus on their health, this may be a service that they need.

What is an Employee Health Screening?

Similar to regular or yearly check-ups, employee health screenings are assessments and tests that help improve the well-being of your staff and help identify any health risks. During one of these screenings, medical professionals will offer tests and services that are no different than what you would find at a doctor's office. For example, you may find blood glucose tests and blood pressure monitoring to be commonly included in health screenings at work. MMC provides on-site health clinics that offer similar services for your workplace. We provide health management services for common chronic illnesses and general occupational-related issues.

Types of Employee Health Screening Tests

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Substance abuse is, unfortunately, a very common issue within workplaces today. This doesn't just decrease productivity, but it also greatly affects the personal lives and well-being of your employees. Routine drug and alcohol testing can reduce the habitual use of addictive substances. MMC offers customized workplace drug testing solutions.

Heart Health Tests

Blood pressure monitoring, blood glucose levels, and cholesterol are all common facets of heart health that are included in employee health screenings. Determining factors that lead to poor heart health through screenings may require an employee to make changes to their lifestyle, as that's the most common reason heart issues develop in adults.

Physical and Mental Health Checkups

Most people are aware that physical health needs to be prioritized, however, in recent years workplaces have been putting a greater emphasis on mental health. Routine checkups for both physical and mental health can help catch problems before they fully manifest in an employee. This helps reduce the probability of severely poor health in the future. MMC offers a variety of occupational health programs that can be tailored to your specific industry.

Biological Monitoring

For work environments where exposure to toxic or hazardous chemicals is common, biological monitoring may be needed. Biological monitoring can help employers keep their workers safe and avoid potential illnesses. Mobile Medical Corporation's blood monitoring services collect samples that are then sent over to an OSHA-certified laboratory for analysis.

Employee health screening at work being performed by nurse

What are the Benefits of Employee Health Screenings?

Investing in the well-being of your employees is always a good idea, however, there are many specific benefits of employee health screenings. These occupational medical screenings are made to work in favor of your company's goals and employee satisfaction. 

Reduced Insurance Rates

Employers can offer lower health insurance premiums when their workforce is healthier due to employee screening initiatives. Absenteeism, worker's compensation, and health care costs can all be reduced from these screenings and save employers money in the long term.

Increased Productivity

When employees feel good, their productivity during the workday increases. Through regular checkups during health screenings, employees may have a better awareness of unhealthy lifestyle choices and make an effort to become healthier. Once the burdens from an unhealthy lifestyle are lifted, employees may feel more confident in their job positions.

Overall Jobsite Safety

By having a healthier workforce, you can also create a safer work environment. By performing routine drug and alcohol screenings, you can benefit the overall wellbeing of your employees while also ensuring that your workplace is compliant with health and safety regulations.

Improved Employee Relations

When you take the time and energy to implement occupational medical screenings, it makes employees feel as if you are investing in their well-being - because you are! This can also help you acquire new employees, who may feel a sense of worth from the company through these screenings.

MMC's Medical Surveillance Programs

Our medical surveillance programs are specifically tailored to enrich the health of on-site workers and help workforces comply with OSHA standards. Our medical surveillance programs also offer periodic examinations and assessments for workers who are frequently exposed to toxins or harmful chemicals. Our testing and services are designed to catch health issues or harmful exposures before they develop into larger problems. Talk to one of Mobile Medical Corporation's representatives today to find out how our program can help you create a healthier and more compliant workplace.

Learn More About MMC's Occupational Health Solutions

Mobile Medical Corporation provides solutions and services that increase the health and efficiency of your workplace. Our employee health screening and medical surveillance programs can offer industry-specific solutions to many issues your workplace may be facing. Create a healthier workplace with Mobile Medical Corporation.

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