April 28th, 2022, 9:30 AM
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Mobile Medical Corporation (MMC) is proud to be an advocate for Construction Safety Week

About Construction Safety Week

According to the Construction Safety Week website, Construction Safety Week is an annual event where "The construction industry, its clients and business partners take this opportunity to recommit to sending every worker home safe each day." This years event takes place May 2nd-6th.

Construction Safety Week Toolbox Talks

Each day of Construction Safety Week has a theme. Here are the 2022 themes:

May 2 - Remain Connected

May 3 - Be Supported

May 4 -  Stay Safe

May 5 - Continue Learning (Demonstration Day)

May 6 - Thank you

Toolbox talks and other safety week planning resources can be downloaded HERE

How MMC Supports Construction Safety

A priority of Safety Week is focusing on mental health issue. As an occupational medical partner for many of the safety week members, MMC delivers industry best practices and focus on the physical, emotional mental well-being of the workforce. Workplace environments can be extremely physical and mentally demanding which can increase an employee's unhealthy behaviors. Over time, these unhealthy behaviors lead to chronic and deadly diseases. Our clinicians can help to create a healthier workforce by implementing Health and Wellness initiatives on construction sites.

Our on-site medical staff partner with safety teams to implement Behavioral Based Safety initiatives and take an active part in creating and reinforcing not only a safe work environment but one that does not end at the work site.  We will work with the safety team and assist in site safety walks, orientation, stretch & flex and safety inspections as needed. 

For more information on MMC's onsite medical services click HERE.

Construction Safety Week Website

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